Log Construction



The exterior walls of a home are constructed as shown in the diagram on the right.  Bolts protrude from the slab to safely secure the first log course.   Before the first log is set in place, 2x6 treated lumber is placed on the slab to insure no water will ever touch the log wall.  A Styrofoam layer is then caulked to the 2x6. The first log can then be caulked and bolted to the slab.  Then a layer of caulking is spread within the grooves of the first log and the second log is stacked on top.  The logs are then screwed together with twelve inch Log Hog screws spaced every thirty inches to insure a sound and stable wall. Corners are constructed in a butt-and-pass style, and are secured with a two inch wide metal plate.  The use of metal plates and spikes contribute to the aesthetic value of the home because they are unseen once the home  is complete.



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