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      High in the Rocky Mountains there is an abundant supply of  Engelmann Spruce that is harvested, then transported to the mill. It then is milled into double tongue and groove logs so they fit securely one over the other. These logs are naturally insulated with solid wood 5 1/2” thick.   

     The logs are Engelmann Spruce--in six and eight inch sizes, with double tongue and groove, engineered round on the exterior side with a drip cap, and flat on the interior side. Custom sizes are also available by special order.

     We have plans available and they can be modified to suit your needs. A plan can be custom designed from your own ideas—all at no extra charge.

Log Homes are:

· natural.

· complimentary to any landscape.  One customer said of her log home, “It looks as though God put it there.”

· nearly maintenance-free.

· appreciate in value.

· relatively earthquake-proof.

· 24 to 46% easier to heat and cool.

· easy to build.

· adaptive to environments.

· easily repaired.

· different—no two are alike.

· as creative as painting a masterpiece or composing a symphony.

· pre-eminently adaptable (making additions easy to build).

· design flexible—endless opportunities for owner innovation and self-expression.

· very quiet.  Music does not bounce off log walls and human voices become mellower.



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