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        Log siding is a beautiful addition to your log, or traditional home. 


      Newton Log Homes offers Engelmann Spruce log siding  in six and eight inch widths.  The thickness of the siding is two inches.

 Log siding is used in many different way such as trim around the windows and doors, Interior walls, Exterior  siding  on  existing  homes . Add-ons, Garages. Gables , Dormers, or Skirting around pier section.

The benefit of our spruce log siding are grooves cut along the back of the siding which relieves tension in the wood and prevents twisting of the board.  The grooves are similar to those found in wood flooring.

     Spruce log siding is priced at $950 per thousand board feet for lap-n-gap, and $1000 per thousand BF for 2x6, and $1250 per thousand BF for 2x6 log siding trim (available only in 2x6).

    In order to calculate the board feet needed and the cost, multiply the total square feet to be covered by 1.25, then multiply by 2.  This will yield the total board feet needed to cover the wall space. Then multiply by .950 (the cost per board foot).  This equation equals the total cost in dollars.

 A down-payment of half of the total cost is required to order your log siding.


Square Feet x 1.25 x 2 = BF

Board Feet x .950 = Cost

For Gable ends:

Square Feet x 1.35 x 2 = BF 

Log Siding added to an existing home. 

Log Siding on new home.

Log Siding and stone conceals golf cart garage and storage area.  At left, Log siding adds dimension and comfort to an interior wall of a study.


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